After earning a bachelor's degree in business, and a career as an accountant, in
2010 I bid a temporary farewell to the numbers game and established EEEP Services,
primarily an editing and proofreading business. Operating in an online capacity has
given me the privilege of continuing a fulfilling career whilst raising a family,
something that can be challenging in today's economy. And although the worlds of
numbers and words might appear to be somewhat unrelated fields, in both I draw
upon my attention to detail, determination, discipline and sheer drive to deliver
the absolute best outcome for my clients.

You could say my pedantic nature forces me to spot the typos and inconsistencies
that others may miss. Admittedly, some may consider the amount of pleasure I
derive from spotting and correcting errors a little strange, but this drive allows me
to make a living by doing something that I love.

Formerly 'Emma's Exceptional Editing and Proofreading', EEEP Services has expanded
to offer the following business solutions:

•  Copyediting and proofreading
•  Document management

In today's virtual world, EEEP Services is just a click away. I am based in Queensland, Australia and provide the above services to
clients all over the world. I am also available for on-premises consultations for clients located in the Mackay region.
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EEEP Services
EEEP Services
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